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Success is a team effort. There's only one seat in a racecar and drivers know they would never be successful without their pit crew and mechanic teams working together.  To be successful, individuals need to share a vision, agree on the goals needed to achieve that vision and understand their role and responsibility in accomplishing that goal.  By working together we are all successful and everyone shares in the celebration.

Stock Car Pit Crew Challenge is an in-depth form of team training with your focus as the collective goal.  Whether you are a start up team building the foundation of a mew vision or dealing with leadership change, if you are half way through your goal and your team has stalled and needs to be ignited to stay on track or you are at the finish line and want to reward your team for a job well done.  Whatever your business, whatever stage your team is in, this training was designed just for you.

We have transformed teambuilding from the same old tiresome material into an exciting sensible hands-on event.

The Stock Car Pit Crew Challenge uses authentic race cars, impact wrenches, knee pads gloves and protective eyewear.  The pit stops are designed with safety so everyone can participate. 

University of Michigan

Tauber Institute for Global Operations

The 10th annual NASCAR Stock Car Pit Crew Challenge, a competitive cooperative, leadership and team-building module for first-year graduate students was held on north campus. Although students have been asked to solve many management problems in their careers, most of the participants had never changed a tire before, let alone a 75-pound racing tire! It can be loud! It can be fast! It can be furious!! This is just one of the dynamic action-oriented teaching modules offered through the Leadership Advantage Program of the Tauber Institute for Global Operations.

Checkered Flag Teambuilding


The Checkered Flag Teambuilding pit crew challenge is a proven corporate hands-on training event that can strengthen business acumen as well as build camaraderie, motivate employees and increase loyalty.

Using the Chekered Flag Teams Driving Your Workplace Into the Winner's Circle book along with CARStyles workbook materials and changing tires on a real NASCAR!

If you want to use an authentic race car to promote your business we can customize our race cars with your company logo.  Or if you just want to  draw a crowd, we can provide you with a display car and props at your location. 

Pit crew


The Pit Crew Challenge is the high energy teambuilding training.  Focusing on teamwork activities  that test the ability of the team members to coniuously improve their performance in a unique and exciting format....Changing tires on a real race car! 

This corporate program includes the fundamentals of building your team.  

Pit Crew

Together we take the checkered flag!

The Pit Crew is the ultimate teambuilding corporate entertainment.  This is the open format for clients, employees and customers to test their pit road skills and their pit stop abilities in a unique and exciting environment.

A fast paced pit crew challenge focused on building camaraderie with your team.

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  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Conflict Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Process Improvement
  • Start Stalled Teams